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Has anyone heard of this? http://www.pennsylvaniasteel.com/

I am wondering how it will act under a hammer.

Yes, I have looked into it. Not much potential there for me as the supplier that I queried says that it is only available in 3.5" diameters and up. It is not really "new" except as maybe compared with some much older steel alloys, as it has been available for "over 50 years".
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"The Greatest thing since sliced bread" "One for a Man and Two for a Horse" "compares with 1018 *and* H13".

The tungsten and molly may make it a bit hot hard; but their site's claims make me a bit cautious. In general it sounds like a good tooling steel but not a knife steel though. I'd like to see if it has the hot hardness of H13 in which case it may be a very nice tooling steel for smithing!

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