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wind shime

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hello , it's been a while but thats ok because i've been working in the shop alot of late . here is a wind shime i am making for a friend of the fam. the top part is 9 bars of 5/16 bar wraped with a collor and forge welded , i fullered it to give it some deco. the shimes are silver plated stainless stell given to me by said friend...after breaking a few i got the hang and just twisted the forks and flared out the spoons,it sounds really good, i think i may have enough to make one more wind shime.




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thank you for your comments, it was really fun but time intensive.

phil- yes i did cold forge them, putting any kind of heat on there dulled and im pretty sure disitegrated the silver plate , a pair of nidle nose pliers with the teeth ground off and patiance is all you need to shape the forks.

i plan on making lots more fun stuff with this technique , small metal sculpture is something im getting into bit by bit

and thx brian for all the info on forge welded bundles!i got this idea from the squid you posted a while back and im happy to say it went really well for my first bundle.

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its something i wanted to try when i first seen it but i didn't think i could pull it off...then i did some forge welds . welding is simpler than i first thought, i tend to overthink things . its both a curse and a blessing lol.my next one is gonna be some kind of tree , maybe i'll do that today, get some more projects done befor work starts up again.

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