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Help with A idea of how to create Fantasy sword


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Hi, I am just here to get some opinion on how I would proceed to make a replica of a sword. I myself am making this sword for cosplay purposes and need some advise on how I would make a base of the sword in question which a picture can be found here Click Here. All I want to know is advise on how to make the handle and the inner part of the sword to keep such a large object from swaying or breaking, after that I can build the shape up out of different resources. Thank you very much in advance for your help and sorry for my nerdy rant

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Your on the correct website, there is a sword/sharp pointy thing section tho that will get more attention to your request.

Now In response to your question I am not into swords, just like to shape metal. If your asking about the handle or grip of the sword, I suggest you start with a piece of steel the size of the blade you desire then forge one end down to the size you need. You have to allow for whatever handle material you will cover the metal with.

That answer is one method. It may not be suitable for you, It is how I have done it for a kid who lost interest once it was his turn. :lol: For more information I do recommend you go to the blade section and listen intently to Rich Hale and JPH if you want to do something in reality. The link you supplied suggests you have some fantasy idea. If that is correct then maybe other like minded people will chime in.

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Make the handle out of a long wooden dowel, carve the pommel out of a separate piece and affix it with your choice of method (screw, glue, nail) Get a LARGE rawhide dog bone, soak overnight (well, might take 2-3 days) and cut into a couple of long strips to make the wrapping for the handle. Use EPOXY and lightweight fiberglass to cover foam insulation board for the "blade" and paint silver. You can get a painters drop cloth to make the wrappings out of.

Look up wrapped rawhide hilts.



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This will not be a metal sword, it's for Cos-Play. (and if it were metal would outweigh the person using it...)

I would look into laminating the blade around something like a post hole digger handle---tougher and less likely to break than a dowel, then shape it with rasp or surform making sure that the grip will NOT be slippery if wet---even a wooden fake sword can damage your friends!

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Maybe this could help:


Just making it a bit ;) larger.

This group has been around for like 30 years, maybe more. So they have some experience on making non-injury (I don't know if this is really a correct word) weapons.

Hope it helps.


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