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Kukuris anyone?


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Kukris are one of my favorite bush knives , and theyre history is very interesting!!!
My link this site has a brief history of the gurka kukris
my first kukri was bought at a army surplus store around 1987 i gave it away sadly , and i really miss it... will look into getting another one :)

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When I was in the 25th Infantry Division (Light), I had the opportunity to train with Nepalese Ghurkas. Tough little buggers! Tough as they come. And they liked to give these handmade Kukuris as gifts as well as trade them for "kit" (mil. equipment). I received one as a gift and traded for two others. I've since given the other two away as gifts and kept one for myself.

Its one of the best tools I own. I carry it under the seat of my truck (hey, you never know). I just thought I'd get ahold of some old truck leaf springs and try my hand at it sometime. Thanks for the info so far.


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i made one but, it wasn't forged from leaf spring. it was roughly cut from a 3/16 mill circle saw blade, and the bevels forged in. also mine wasn't completely traditional in features. go to the search bar at the top of the page and type in "khukri" and you should find my post. i made it more to fit my needs and scrap pile so it reflects that. if the final result is the same the process is somewhat minimal. the one i made was hardened in the traditional way and it holds an edge and the edge hasn't chipped and the "neck" hasn't bent yet. i would not be without it now, or it's scabbard for that matter! hope it helps in someway.

Ed Steinkirchner

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