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I gotta say its good to be back in touch with the I Forge Family ;)

Let me first say I was never "banned"

After my post was removed by Glenn he gave me a call and said he felt like we (meaning the forum) needed some time to "get back to blacksmithing" and for him to sort out what was what. We talked about my side, he called Bruce and got his side.

He gave me a two week suspension, not as punishment but rather to keep things from escalating and time to gather my wits. I understand why this was done and have no hard feelings towards Glenn.

I got a call from Glenn this morning saying he felt reinstating me early was necessary so I had the ability to respond to some of the current posts.

He works hard at keeping order in this herd, I am sure its not easy nor fun at times. He works hard and makes tough choices. Its easy to criticize how things are handled but sure and swift action to stop a downward spiral is a wise move. We are lucky to have Glenn, who is fair and reasonable, as our host. I know of some other forums where the administrators are dictators and tyrants... we have it good ;)

Also I want to say I cant tell you how much I appreciate all the support. I got calls and emails from all corners of the globe including my back yard. Its a great feeling have the support of so many, and a true indicator of what a strong group dynamic we have even though many of us have never met face to face.

I really feel strongly that we have more in common than a love of shaping metal. That we can transcend just about any differences because at our core we understand each other, we are brothers (and sisters ;) ) in the craft.

As for the "issue" at hand.

In my last emails with Bruce I made the statement that I would not discuss anything further publicly and I intend to stand by my word. I am more than willing to rebuke statements, share feelings and make responses.... but will do so privately. The whole issue is, I chose to make emails that where directed solely to me, public information. I didn't do so in spite or with malice but it was still a personal conflict. I thought by doing so it would allow people to make there own assessment and keep me neutral. Boy was I wrong :huh: In hindsight I see its natural for forum members to "take sides" and dissent into chaos eminent, It was a poor choice on my behalf.

In the last couple of emails the exchange didn't even make any sense. I made the choice to walk away from the fight.

Period. End of story...

I don't like that I can't express how I feel or show my cards... But I have much better things to do than engage in he said she said meaningless tirades and that’s what I felt was happening.

I felt like ending it, even by surrender... was the right thing to do.

That being said I have to work hard to do the "right" thing. I am not a soft and forgiving person by nature, I want to fight and I take things personal... So please let's let this go, don't fan the flames...I don't feel beaten or bested. There is no reason to take sides or stir the pot ok?... Let's be nice. :) Who wants to talk about some hot iron under a hammer?

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NO ONE was ever banned.

The issue was taken off line until both parties could be contacted. This took a couple of days.

I consider this issue over and can not see any benefit from additional posts. The thread is closed.

Let us move on, and get back to blacksmithing.

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