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Making an anvil from a forklift tine?

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for a while now i've been looking to either make or buy a new anvil, mainly because the only anvil I've ever had is actually a ripper from a tractor.
(much like this one) http://ruraltraders.com.au/hd-ripper.jpg

Recently i read a post by someone in this forum saying that you can make an anvil from a forklift tine(fork) and i really liked this idea but having never made an anvil before I'm not entirely sure how to go about doing it.
So what I would like to know is if anyone has made an anvil like this, or has any ideas on making one. Also if anyone could post photos of one or even plans to build it that would be appreciated.


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Most of my teaching anvils are made from bits of fork lift spike :) the work well as the are, but I suspect re-heat treating them (these were gas axed into bits) would improve them even more.

I don't know about that ripper, but guess if there is enough mass then why not. I've got a couple of anvils that are just mild and while not nearly as good as a proper anvil they still work ok

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