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Oily exhaust from my Say-Mak

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In reply to nakedanvil's sealed container comment. My implication was to mean sealed so that no oil would leak out. Creating all this bother for Tim of finding swarth for the hammer exhaust when all he wants to do is catch the oil seems a big waist of time for a man who needs to spend his time forgeing iron not running to junkyards!
The barrel will catch the oil, swarth or no and as far as noise goes the exhaust barrel will be outside.The exhaust noise from a Say Mak is far less than the sound of the hammer itself or even a lawnmower for that matter.


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Doc the oil comes out as a hot atomized mist and so will not "settle out" by itself very well. Having a large amount of cooler surface area is has to interact with helps it condense. Not like working with sawdust or grinding dust where the change in air speed allows the heavier particles to drop.

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