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Two massive iron lumps

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I would like some ideas about how to make the best use of these two massive iron lumps.
The 11.25” diameter round slug is flame cut out of 2.75” thick steel plate of unknown type.
The rectangular piece is 4” X 8” X 48”. It is made up of 5/8” steel plate filled with cast iron. I can just barely lift one end of it. I have been toying with the idea of making a hardy hole in the slug to keep my anvil clear. What would you do? All suggestions would be appreciated. Serious, humorous, whacky or weird are OK. Steeler



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I think what I would do is, stand the bar on end and weld the round to it.. then bury the rest of the bar in the ground to the right height for hammering. Say, knuckle high as I have been taught. At least for me it's a comfortable height. As big as it is you could cut in a pritchel hole and a hardy hole no problem.

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