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Surgery...Again. :(


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I just got back from the doctor's office. I have another surgery scheduled for Thurs Oct. 12th. (had that option or Friday the 13th.) I just can't use my arm with more than 4 pounds of resistance, or lift more than 5 pounds for very long without too much pain...no where near enough to go back to regular work, and certainly not enough for as active a life as I'm use to living.

I'm not happy about needing additional surgery, but at an 85% success rate, it's 85% better than what I'm dealing with now. My comment to the doc was that I wish he'd just checked out that side when he was in before. His comment was he wished he had then too.

I have my paid blacksmith demo scheduled for Oct 21 and 22. I won't even get the stitches out until the 28th. That 2 day demo pays for heating oil for the whole Winter. I'd hate to give that up, but there isn't any way I'll be able to do anything that even resembles blacksmithing.

Being the stubborn person I am, I think I've found a solution. I'm going to try to find someone that wants free, intensive, hands-on lessons for those two days and is willing to set up and tear down. That way I can still get paid for providing a demo. I have a couple of ideas of people that would jump at the chance for free lessons (even from a gimp that won't be able to lift a finger, but is pretty good at teaching verbally).

Wish me luck for both the surgery and demo.


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