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Disability Hearing

Alan B

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Let me start by saying I realize there are a lot of members here that are suffering worse than I am and my prayers go out to them. I still feel the need to ask you all to remember me and my family this Tuesday morning at 9 am Eastern. After being off work for 31 months, I will be having my disability hearing. This has been difficult for me and put a real hardship on my family. Please remember us in your prayers and may God Bless you all for your support, help and friendship over the past few years.thank you,
Alan Brazzel & Family

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If this is for Social Security you will need prayer, lots of prayer. Having gone through that process with my spine I'm so thankful that God was with me every step of the way to give me strength. It is such a cold hearted process and at every turn you hear that it is the "law". You go to their contract doctor and you hear it is the "law", you fill out form after form and hear it is the "law". God heard my prayer and it was the "law" after two years, yes two years, but all of that back benefits check was sure a blessing. Hang in there and keep the faith, we are praying for you.

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I will be going through the same thing soon, just waiting for my court date, so I know what your going through and will keep you in my prayers.
No one can really understand what it's like until you've had to go through it your self and I don't wish this on anyone.


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