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Fisher anvil mounting "pins"

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I just bought this anvil,and was wondering about the 2 pins at the base below the heal,I haven't seen this before on any anvil,and most fishers have mounting lugs. Do you think they where for a factory stand,or someone drilled and pressed the pins in?
There are no weight markings ,but looking at dimensions in Postman's book it should be 350#,I don't have a scale that goes over 300# to weigh it.
It doesn't matter I'm just curious.








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Fisher anvils that big did not have mounting lugs. I will check the collection tomorrow and let everyone know what the biggest with lugs is. Also, Fisher first put the lugs on their anvils starting in 1892.

Nice anvil. Treat it right and it will last for many generations.

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The anvil was in the barn of a woman in her 80's,it was her husbands. It had a coating of grime 1/4" thick and I think that helped to preserve it. I dout it has seen much use the face is verry smooth,and yes rebound is good.
Njanvilman if you want to look at it i can bring it Monday nite,or if I ever make it to your place.

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