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Some projects i did

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The big cross is out of a railroad spike, not making any more of them. metal is to hard on tools and me. Grape leaves are left overs from a sign bracket and I don't have any good pictures of that. Pop can holder is something my wife wanted for camping great item and sells well. The rest you all can figure out.






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The making of the leaves was a long process and I'll never do it again,live and learn. I went and picked several different sizes of grape leaves at a friends house, and transferred them onto 18ga sheet metal for my pattern. I rough cut them with O&A torch, then finished cutting on band saw. Used 3/16" sheet stock for leaves, had to bend bottom part of leaf out of the way to round up stem. Used a ballpein hammer for the texture. I made a hot cut out of a ballpein hammer to vein the leaves, they threw off a lot of heat scorched the handle. Last step took angle iron and welded bar stock on the corner so the angle iron would lay at a 45 in the vice, and used this to shape the leaves. I ended up making 83 leaves and had 5 left over. Lost money on the job but the lady started to cry when she saw the sign bracket, so made it worth making it. I didn't have any working drawings she trusted me to make it without them, this was the first time meeting her. Then I found out her Husband's Uncle owned our house before us, small world. These are the pictures of the sign bracket even though there not very good I didn't take them.



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