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Ernie Limkueler (I know I spell his last name wrong) wrote an article several years ago on rec.crafts.metalworking in which he details the fabrication of an anvil from plate. He uses Rankin wire to hard face the entire thing. I have used a Ranking stick rod to repair two anvils. It does NOT color match and it does stress crack as it cools. I called the folks at Rankin to see if that cracking was normal or not and they said that it is. In the future, I would personally avoid the Rankin products unless I was sure they would NOT stress crack. What I am looking at now for anvil work is rod and wire made by Cormet. We use their F40 FC-G to repair and reface steam hammer dies. This alloy is a little on the soft side for an anvil, but still quite a bit harder than 7018.


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Years ago, I fixed an anvil with McKay Tool Alloy HW stick electrodes. Currently, I could not find it on the internet, but I believe it was designed to be "martensitic." The HW supposedly stood for water hardening. I let my work air cool, and it has stood up well over the years. Where the rod was used, I got a brighter color than the original face, so you run the risk of your anvil looking like a pinto pony. McKay/Hobart is still very much in business making specialty electrodes.

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