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I should do an intro....


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Hello Jesse,

Judging by your work, I'd say you are starting out in blacksmithing with a pretty impressive skill set. Skills and knowledge that will lend themselves well to being a blacksmith.

I look forward to seeing some of your work....What type of work are you planning to do?

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As Brian said, you already have an impressive knowledge and skill set from building bikes.

Blacksmithing is a little different as the micrometer is now called a 2 pound hammer, the 22-1/2 degree bend is now called "about there", and blacksmiths eyeball things so they fit together and look right.

I can not wait till you blend the two crafts, and build a bike that looks like a BIG anvil with wheels attached. (grin) I can only imagine how much interest it would attract when you rode that anvil bike to a blacksmith meeting. Paint could be rust patina (blacksmiths think rust IS a color) or maybe flat black, with maybe some pin stripping to define the edges of the anvil. It could give a whole different meaning to the words "Hammer Down" when you cranked the throttle on the open road. (BIG GRIN)

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