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Water Mop

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Here is a tool that I learned of from Alfred Habermann.

My wife, Karen, suggested I use regular mop material instead of shreaded cloth like I had been using, and I'm glad I did. It holds alot more water.

This waters your coal better than the usual water can but can be used to rake your fuel and keep short pieces cool where you want to hold them without tongs.



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vey nice brian and karen good thinking very practical can you show a picture of the end where the mop attaches? i can kinda see it in the first shot it looks like you just flatened the end and wrapped it around the mop to hold it. thanks clinton

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What are you guys talking about? Am I not supposed to mop the floors and do the laundry myself?

Clinton, I did basically draw out a 5" band and wrapped it around a 2" piece of pipe, leaving enough gap to get the mop material into the loop, and then I closed it tight around the mop material cold.

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these things work great they drag a lot of junk out of the fire when I emptied my bucket there was 3 inches of crud in the bottom. also this protects your fire pot from too much water being dumped in and causing a crack in the fire pot Professor Habermann would cringe every time he would see a smith take a can of water and start dumping it about the fire

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