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I Forge Iron

Handrail Project

Rick C

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nice work looks great with the knotty wood is that pine or cedar? and i thought i had a lot of vise grips what i do with mine is weld a large washer on the screw it makes them work so much better you can tighten if needed with out releasing and also loosen them when they are real tight so they dont snap back at you i use a 2 1/2'' dia washer on the 11'' clamp


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Thanks for all of the great comments.

As in the photo of it laid out on the wall let me see all of my measurements, so I had a live blue print to go off of. I have learned through time take good measurements and lay it out first. That takes some time but it paid off.

Helps that I was working behind a great carpenter. What made the project, all the pieces fit the first time and no adjustment. Not bragging it fit like a glove.

Rick C.

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Beautiful work!

The texture and simplicity work well with the pine.

I have a lot of pine in my house and on my porches, so you have certainly got me thinking.

Would you care to elaborate a bit on the way you do the tenons that go through the slanted rails?

Thanks for posting it,


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