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Here is a fence section I did for out in front of the house a bit over a year ago. It has weathered nicely and is almost ready for a linseed oil treatment. It was done to practice and help exercise my technique for tapering points and curling rat tails. I also practiced some twisting. The big letter "B" is for our last name. If I'm going to do more fence sections like this, it will be after I get my power hammer constructed.




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Yes, You're right ironstein, there is a 9 foot wide spider web with a 10 inch tall spider in the middle in the fence section next to this one. It's almost entirely welded except the spiders legs which were hammered using an oxy-acetelyne torch before I had my forge. Most of my big sculptures in my yard have been welding projects. I just didn't want to flood this forum with all the welding I do. I kind of wanted to stick to the forging area here. You folks really do have an eye for details. Thank you all for your compliments.


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