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Hello from Las Cruces NM


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Hello everyone I am a land surveyor from Las Cruces NM I currently build custom pool cues as a hobby on the side here a link to my pool cue site Black Mesa Custom Cues

I have 2 lathes and a CNC mill I am interested in learning about making knifes and tools, the old fashion way anyone with a little money and computer skills can cut out and polish out a knife with a CNC mill. Now learning how to pound one out on an anvil and temper it, now that takes some skills. I don't know any blacksmiths around here although I see Hopper Shannon at the Saturday morning downtown market.

I understand he is one of the best around here but I talked with him one time about my dad seeing him at the farm and ranch museum and I started crying. At that point I thought my dad was going to pass away soon and it was one of the last times I had truly seen my dad happy so I am a little embarrassed to talk to him. Maybe the whole thing with my dad is why I am so interested in learning now?

Thanks and Happy Holidays

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Kyle; are you in luck! SWABA (the NM Abana affiliate) has a southern group based in Las Cruces and a great bunch of people in it! Check on our web page's calendar for when and where they meet and don't be shy of contacting Pep ahead of time. Seems like every time I visit down there he's got folks forging at his shop and he's a great pattern welded steel maker for knives!

ABANA-chapter web page

I'll be down to see my parents during the Holidays sometime and I would like to invite you to our December meeting of the main group. It's a long drive so I strongly encourage folks to carpool from Las Cruces.

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