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Concrete Cutting Blades

Tim McCoy

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I searched this forum and couldn't seem to find any info about concrete cutting blades. Used with water cooling as they cut lines for slab removal. Would like to know if anyone can tell me what types of steel they are made of. I have several that were left in a dumpster at a job site ... about 1/8" thick with a diameter of approx 18" with a 1" arbor hole. Tried cutting with an abrasive wheel ... very tough. Can they be used for knife blades?


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Well my usual test for junkyard steel is to take a piece about knife sized and heat it past critical and quench it in water. If it cracks or shatters it probably will make a knife. If it doesn't I put it in the vise and WITH my leather apron on and my face shield on tap it with a hammer---if it's brittle then it will probably make a blade.

Then I can repeat the test using warm quenching oil---trying to see which is the better quenchant for it.

Remember there is *nothing* preventing a manufacturer from switching what they use for something every other piece if they think the new one will be more cost effeective!

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A lot of concrete cutting blades have diamond or carbide edges so the body is not very high carbon content. Spark test before cutting up for knives, you may have other uses for the metal though.

i agree,i have tried this same steel and always end up with steel that can be cut easily with another knife.it just wont temper hard enough.
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