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Practical Blacksmithing


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Practical Blacksmithing
By- M. T. Richardson
ISBN: 0-517-25025x
5 volumes in one cover
volume 1-224 pages
volume 2-262 pages
volume 3-307 pages
volume 4-306 pages
volume 5-276 pages
This is a very informative book, if you want to build and lay out complete buggy manufacturing shops and want to read some VERY articulate descriptions on the subject. It does get better as you read further into the 2nd thru the 5th volumes, but still rather dry, as it was written originally in parts starting in 1889, 1890 and 1891 and was edited by the author himself. It has many illustrations and could be helpful to someone who isn't just starting out as myself. My problem was that I was a welder for 18 years and still couldn't follow his train of thought on how to manipulate the iron. :confused:

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This book was compiled as selections from a blacksmithing journal and so lie a modern day forum it'sd full of "this is how I do that" followed by "I have a better way".

It is very much a period piece. If you are doing late 19th century re-enactment smithing this book is a mandatory one to own.

If you are trying to learn to smith it's not that useful as much of the stuff is done differently today.

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I have the four in one edition that came out a few years back. In fact i have gotten three copies to date. One for myself one for a buddy and one for A friend of my daughters. Great old time infor ! Fun reading but EXTREMELY dated. Even so I would say if you find it grab it!

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