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Brian Brazeal Animal Heads

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Thanks for posting this, when I got the BB horsehead cd, I was very disappointed as there were no written details or instructions to go with the pics, and from what I have heard of his reputation, he is a smith well liked and worthy of respect. I was just not satisfied, anybody can take a bunch of pics and burn them to a disk, but you expect a little more when you pay the price he is asking for the cd. I will burn this file to the cd, and see if the two will make the job easier. For those of you who might think I'm just taking shots at Brian, I wrote to him about this and never got a response back. That being said, the contributions he has made here on IFI, have elevated my level of understanding and expertise, and I am respectful of his talent and his accomplishments.

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First let me apoligize for not getting back to you. I really try hard to answer all our mail and I either did not recieve yours or really messed up and missed it.
That said, I am sorry you were disappointed with the CD. I tried to convey that it was a pictorial storyboard taken by a professional with large photos of the top and bottom dies and the angle of each hit. There should also have been a hand drawn diagram by Brian in the last picture. We felt it showed it all without having to say a word.
If you would like a refund, please let me know and keep the Cd.

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