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Hello Everyone,
This knife is made per the instructions of a young man who makes really good leatherwork. I am trading him this knife (which he sent me a sketch and asked me to make) for a sheath from him for one of my users. I love metal and wood but don't like leather work. He has some serious talent with it.

So - he wanted a knife that was tough and looked the part. So, I left some scale on spine, wood is scorched and stained some. It is made to his specs.

1095 blade, 6" long, .22" wide at spine
long flat grind (I am getting a little better with this, I modified my grinder platen and bought good belts and a new contact wheel). None of this stuff would have helped me though, until recently. I have practiced enough that I have a little better grip on the process. I also recommend highly Harvey Dean's flat grinding vid. Plus, it is nice for me to hear a Texan talk since I am in CT.

Birdseye maple
hidden tang
linseed oil to saturate handle a number of times, and then a layer of acrylic to seal it.

I like the dif. hardening line, but I need to practice a lot more with this set of techniques. I really wanted the line farther from the edge, and this was my second try. First was worse.

Hope you like. I appreciate advice and comments.

Thanks for looking. Take care,





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