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How much are certain blacksmith tools worth?

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I hope I'm posting this on the right board.

Anyway, a guy was offering me a bunch of older blacksmith tools. He has over 30 tools.

There are several sets of tongs, a number of things which look like pliers, and a couple of things which look like old time soldering irons.

There is also an item he calls a anvil creasing stake.

All the stuff looks to be in pretty good shape.

He offered them to me for $125.

Does this sound like a good deal, or is it overpriced?

Thanks for any advice which might be forthcoming, and hope I'm not bothering anyone by asking.

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It sometimes depends on location for pricing. Where are you located? I recently bought out an estate and paid $5 a pair for tongs, hardies were $3 ea, hammers / handled top tools $5 ea.

You can look at it this way too -- 30 items for $125 is just over $4 ea. Some stuff may be too high, some may be low, but the average is OK. I always dicker. Sometimes they drop the price, sometimes not, but there is usually some adjustment made.

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I already negotiated with him price wise, and $125 is as low as he would go.

I had already thought about the price break down, but definitely appreciate someone going over it again.

If I can get together with the guy, I'll probably deal with him. You both reinforced what I was already thinking. Which is that it's not a steal, but it's not a bad deal either. :)

I really appreciate the input guys, and thank you both for your time.

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