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proper fuel for the forge

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hello everyone im realitvly new at blacksmithing i have been fascinated by it for years but i dont know much about it.therein lies the problem i have the anvil and forge and all the of the tools needed but i have little to no idea what im doing.i would appreiate any tips on the proper fuel for the fire in the forge.i have been using oak and hickory. any info would be appereiated greatly thanx

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You would be much happier using chunk/lump charcoal as a forge fuel than damp wood...

Have you read all the start up information already posted on this site?

E-mail deprives all the other new folks of the benefit of the information and means the provider is spending their time on only 1 person. please keep it in the forum!

If you live near central NM I would be happy to welcome you to the local ABANA affiliate, SWABA, and have you stop by my smithy during open forging sometime. Posting your general location might get you other such invites

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Check out this book: A Blacksmithing Primer as a handy and well written book if you like books.

I prefer coal for fuel - again, knowing where you are someone can tell you where to get some from a club or vendor.

When you say you have all the tools you need - what do you have? You may have things you should set aside until later so you can keep things simple for now. You really don't need much...

Look in the yellow pages for your local farrier and give him or her a call. They might know of some other blacksmiths in the area.

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! If you will click on "User CP" up in the green bar (top of page) and add your location to your profile we can help you much better. With over 50 countries represented on IFI I'm sure there is someone close by, we just need to know where to send you for more 'hands on' help. If you are in East TEXAS send me a PM and I'll give ya directions to my place! Once again, welcome. Enjoy!

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