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help geminatura

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I would like to enrich my work in some iron with some noble metal, for now I can only find brass and copper, would you give me some advice on how to solder on the iron?
I have seen work with applications in brass nails that did not show it as it welds can I get something?
In Italy the name given to this technique is "geminatura"

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To the best of MY knowledge,welding(electrode or diffusion(forge)) non-ferrous to iron/steel is VERY difficult(though not impossible).Commonly,these methods of joining those are used:

Brazing.Usually,gas torch,+brass rod.

Soldering.Tin-lead or silver based solder+flux,also usually using a gas torch.

Inlay.Inserting of the non-ferrous into the prepared recess,usually using some form of mechanical locking method such as a "dovetail".

Hope that the above might at least help you to search further.Best of luck,Jake

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While it is possible to silver solder to iron grounds (I've done it) it is far from easy. I think you might be more satisfied with some inlay techniques. Japanese sword maker artists have developed a wide range of techniques for this purpose. Mostly they are used on the Tsuba. If you'll google Tsuba, or japanese inlay I think you'll find some interesting info. You may also be interested in the Korean techniques for Kum-Boo (or Kuem-Boo).

Here is a link to just one of many articles that you might find inspiring:
A history of the Japanese Tsuba

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I am not entirely sure what the question is are you asking how to use the brass as a weld to hold something together? or just to apply a coating of brass to a forged object?

because if you are looking for a brass coloring you can use a brush on black hot iron it will give a light brass polish, this I have found is really dependant on the brush you buy because I have had some that leave a really solid brass coloring and some that are super weak and others that transfered no brass color at all.

or you can heat it up to yellow or white and put some brass shavings/powder on and it will melt and coat whatever it is

Everdear might also work if you clipped up some wire into little pieces

if fumes come off try not to breathe them in because brass contains zinc which is not good for you

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