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Cat in the workshop


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Have had this ferral black skinny cat come round the forge over the last while. Have been feeding it titbits of my lunch ect and now the weather is cooling down i will invest in some cat food!
It comes around when anvil rings, its quite isolated where i am at and i like that, but an occassional visit,.. prompted by the "dinner bell" is good. I gave it a name today "Clinker" and just as black.:)

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I've got a black cat named George that I found in the upper story of my shop about a year ago - it took me three days to coax her out. When I let her go outside I figured she'd take off like a shot - I set her on the ground and she immediately wraps herself around my leg purring . . .

My GF's daughter has now adopted her big time and when the girl is up at my place (very isolated up here too), the two are inseparable.

I wasn't exactly looking for a new mouth to feed but it seems I've been out-voted . . .

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She's an older cat and hasn't shown any signs of going into heat over the last year so I'm hoping that she's already spayed. One o' these days I'll get her down to the vet and do all o' the must needs regarding shots and the like.

Yeah, she's a hunter all right - unfortunately she's laid-waste to half of the small animal population up here. She's got some serial-killer habits and loves to skin things alive while she plays with them - nothing like rabbit screams outside your door as she vivisects them . . .

Myloh, has "Clinker" settled into your shop yet or is it an outdoor cat that doesn't want to live inside?

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