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Contacting The NYSDBA

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The website is New York State Designer Blacksmiths
we have 5 regional chapters in the state of New York, Each region has monthly meetings,

Niagara- 1st saturday of the month

Genessee- 3rd saturday of the month

Souther Tier- 3rd sunday of the month

Mohawk- 2nd saturday of the month

Adirondack-2nd saturday of the month

We usually have 2 all hands meets a year, and often other meets and picnics etc.
as we get the improved website set up, we should have a much more interactive sight, with a log in feature, and several pages of info.
In the mean time, please bear with us as we attempt to add improvements.

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Here are some tenative forge schedule updates, Guests are welcome!!

Adirondack: Dec 5th Organic forms and texturing, John Hughes Shop, Pyrites

Jan 9th Pipe forging, The River Forge, Morristown

Feb 13th Anvil Tools, Tiernan Shop, Waddington

March 13-14th Damascus billet finishing and etching, Cunningham Shop, Massena

Genesee: Dec 19th, Mike Nelson

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When the dates become firm or set dates, please to to the top of the forum page and click on calendar. Then enter the event, either as a single day event or a multiple day (ranged) event. In the title put the State code (NY NJ etc) first, then the event name. In the text, please tell us something about the event, where it is located, who to contact, etc. You can save the single day event quickly, but the ranged event MUST have a starting and ending time before it will save.

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