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Tongs (again)

philip in china

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From what I understand, they are just bigger. I have seen some pictures of large ones and listened to the industrial smiths that hang around, there doesn't seem to be any magic. The tongs that I make for 1 and 2" stock are along the poz tong variety with more metal in the neck and boss.

Clifton Ralph put out a film on the use of hammers and tongs. He is very knowledgable on large forging. One thing I picked up on was that he used pincer tongs a lot. Set the hot steel on the dies and use tongs with two hands to manuever it around. See YouTube - Industrial Blacksmithing-Slug Punching a Hole, Part Two for some ideas along this line.

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How big is bigger?

Most of the pieces I see on this site are not what I term large, and basic tong making rules apply. There was a time when there were standard specifications for tongs, which by and large seem to be ignored in these present times although a web search may reveal some details.

You need tongs in proportion to the workpiece they are to hold, and the job they have to do.
When the size of the workpiece gets heavy to lift and manipulate you will need to incorporate lifting points at appropriate places to allow the manipulation, You will also need a suitable gantry and lifting tackle to suspend them from.

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I remember there were some pics or video posted of a lifting ring that tongs could be passed thru to help lift with use of overhead equipment. I thought the tongs just looked bigger, nothing else different. If someone knows what I mean or was looking at could they re-post it?

This is using very large tongs and a chain in a similar manner to what I was thinking.
Pneumatic Forging Hammer from Anyang Forging Press - Video


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