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yeah i have a brick forge with firebrick bottom i keep redesigning it so when i find the best config for it ill post...
im using a lid to a tote to blow air onto the charcoal itll have to do until i can arrange he building of a bellows thanks though

I found a shop vacuum and the blower on that works great
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Charcoal does best with deep and relatively narrow firepots and less air than coal takes.

When I burn charcoal in my coal forge I place a couple of firebricks next to the firepot to keep the fuel from spreading out as all of it on the forge table will burn.

I once built a bellows from a trashed printer stand (plywood) and a trashed awning (plastic impregnated cloth) and used a tubular table leg as the nozzle. Cost was about US$1 (for tacks)

Much nicer than fanning the fire. Note that the bellows needs a check valve so as to not suck small hot coals into it's innerds where they will happily continue to burn!

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yes I just used my forge again yesterday i made the fire deeper and narrower... i found that out the hard way that it works best but thanks for the tip. the vacuum blower works really great, i got the metal up to orange red and above easily and in an 1/8 of the time "pretty much took the work out of blacksmithing lol not really... gonna try and get an anvil today so yay :D

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