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how many to replace a lightbulb


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- 1 to change the bulb
- 1 to post and announce that the bulb was changed
- 14 to share similar experiences and to show new ways to change lightbulbs
- 7 to warn of dangers arising from changing lightbulbs
- 27 to correct grammatical errors that appeared in posts about changing lightbulbs
- 53 to make fun of those who corrected the grammar mistakes
- 2 professionals to specify that the term is incorrect, it should be called a "lamp"
- 15 who allegedly worked in the field and the word "lightbulb" is as correct as "lamp"
- 109 who say that the forum is not about lightbulbs and the discussion should be moved to a forum about lightbulbs
- 111 who say that as long as all use lightbulbs, the discussion is useful on the forum
- 306 to discuss which are the best ways to change the lightbulbs, which are best, where you can buy and how much they cost.
- 27 to post links to sites where they can see various models of lightbulbs
- 14 to say that the links are incorrect and post the correct ones
- 33 to quote what was posted up in the thread and answer each one with "ME TOO"
- 6 to correct users and push them to use the forum search function
- 12 to post to the forum they finally quit because of divergences on the subject about lightbulbs
- 143 to say "search on Google first and if you can not find anything about lightbulbs then ask on the forum"
- 16 posts where two members discuss something totally different than the subject at hand
- 24 posts that are indications to use private messaging or e-mail
- 1 moderator to warn that if this does not stop he will close the topic
- 1 new member of the Forum responds 6 months after the last post and all starts again from the beginning

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You forgot - One person to Google the internet and find the posting plagiarized from one of various web sites that posted the same list. For example:
- How many forum users does it take to change a lightbulb? - HEXUS.community discussion forums
- How many forum users does it take to replace a lightbulb ? - Xtreme CPU
- How many forum users does it take to change a lightbulb? - Hip Forums
- How many forum members does it take to change a light bulb? - FlyerTalk Forums

I thought we were only supposed to post original content that we had the copyrights to, or put the information in quotes while also providing credit to the real author. :confused:

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I don't think any of this stuff is copyrighted. Just viral internet fodder.

How 'bout...

7 "neo-tribal" guys that can show you how to make a lightbulb from silica sand, some scrap copper pipe, and a piece of 5-V roofing tin

11 guys to warn of the potential dangers of zinc fumes from the roofing tin


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I don't think any of this stuff is copyrighted. Just viral internet fodder......

I am not a lawyer, but I have read that the original poster does not give up his legal rights just by posting it to the internet or putting it in an email. My humble understanding, for what little it is worth, based on what I have read, is that unless someone states on the web site that material is public domain, the author retains rights.

In any case it is just polite to give credit. I started labeling the photographs that I post because I have found some of my photographs copied to multiple sites. It would have been nice to have received credit for the photograph *and* for being the craftsman of the item(s) in the photograph. :(

My humble understanding of the definition of Plagiarism, is that if a person does not give credit to the original author or where they got it from, then they are taking credit for authorship.
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