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Camp Knife / Chopper


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The blade was 1 1/2" longer before I tried to straighten it a little to much immediatly after quench!

It was going to be a 'cutting competition' knife (10" blade x 5" handle x 2" deep)

Im going to do another one similar (but try not to snap it in heat treat this time!) but I will go for 3/8" thick at the spine, instead of the 1/4" this one is!!) - the 2 x 4 timbers wont stand a chance :D

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thanks for the nice words everyone!

The 10" version of this one is on hold for a bit, I just discovered the joy of anglo saxon esk historical pieces! Im working on a nice (ish) seax now, and since ive started researching Ive realised what the ancestors were capable of doing patternwelding wise (makes most of us look like a bunch of incompetents ! :D )

Think Im gonna enjoy this challenge !

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