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Mom was in a wreck (A praise really)


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Yeah, I know it sounds funny that I am praising when my mother was in an accident. She came up from Georgia last Saturday. I had been at the NC State Fairgrounds helping set up the forge for the upcoming fair. I was almost back in Louisburg and ready to go for home (a little ways out of Louisburg) when the cell phone rang. It was her and I fully expected that she was at my house waiting for me. Instead, she was in a nearly head-on collision with a pickup truck maybe 20 miles from where I live.

She realized too late that she was making a wrong turn, but decided to turn anyway- ironically- to get out of people's way. Then she would just get back onto the right road. Well, once she committed to the turn, the pickup topped the hill and slammed into the front and passenger side of her van. I saw the scene of the accident when I was headed to the hospital they took her and the other guy to. I knew she was okay, but I was afraid that the guy in the truck was at least severely hurt, if not worse. She came out of the accident with bruises from the seatbelt and being banged around the cab of her van. We found out from the highway patrolman that the other guy only suffered a banged up shin. We are feeling truly blessed around the Cartrette house that both people are safe. Vehicleless, but safe. Things can be replaced. People can't.

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That's stunning. Prayers of thanks are on the way.

Having only gotten this notebook computer figured out well enough to post to the forum late yesterday I find myself a bit overwhelmed by how many friends need prayers for the all too often tragic events befalling them and theirs,

I can't tell you what a blessed relief it is to offer up a few words for good news. Truly good news.

Give your mom a hug for me will ya?


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Sorry I haven't replied sooner. I haven't been around much over the past several months. Life kinda got in the way.

Frosty, thanks for the prayers and kind words. It means a lot coming from you with your recent mishap.

Update. Mom got a call some time after the wreck from someone in the other vehicle. She remembered a man with a bloody hand complaining about chest pains, but the Highway patrolman told us that the driver only suffered a banged uup knee. The call that Mom got was from the passenger in the truck that hit her. He nearly lost his thumb and was hurt pretty badly. But he made a good recovery. Yet another blessing.

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