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    This is thre tremp "home" of FROSTY in Alaska
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    You guys know all that already.
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    Retired State DOT and metalsmith

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  1. AKFrosty57

    Great white birch jokes..

    The Great White ... Birch that whacked Frosty is toast (currently toasting in the wood stove), but I agree it has "relatives" all over the place. Heck, we have 15 acres of relatives ... not all Great Whites, but birches nevertheless. They say even smaller species can be dangerous if you tease them. These days, when I go outside at night, I always take one of the dogs with me - that way I'll be warned if a well camouflaged birch branch might be stalking me. Oh wait ... I got that backwards. I go outside *because* the dogs need to go out (potty breaks, don'tchaknow). OK, so maybe I am protecting THEM from the Great White ... birches. Too bad all our current dogs are girls ... if we still had a BOY dog. I'd get him to pee on the birches. -De
  2. AKFrosty57

    Great white birch jokes..

    All this roasting is making me hungry ... I think I'll make like a tree and leaf. Oh, before I go though - it looks like the age-old question has finally been definitively answered. If a tree falls in the forest and nobody sees it, does it still make noise? Arrgghh! Never mind - we may never know ... he wasn't WATCHING. Hey! What is FROSTY'S least favorite month? Sep-timber! Love you guys - keep him smilin'. -De
  3. AKFrosty57

    Great white birch jokes..

    Hey Grant ... where did you *think* Frosty came up with the wherewithal to create six-thousand POSTS? Whittling posts from trees, much less hunting Great White ... Birch, is darned hard work! -De (hiding in the woods after *that* one )
  4. AKFrosty57

    Great white birch jokes..

    Sooo ... I guess maybe it was a good thing I got to the Emergency room and mentioned that little tidbit of info before they rolled you off to the MRI room. EH? They were still busy pulling Great White ... Birch "teeth" from your skull when I arrived. Bad Birch. BAAAD Birch. -De
  5. AKFrosty57

    Great white birch jokes..

    Hey! I didn't just "settle" for that ID. My son Dan and I gave it great thought ... seeing as the ID "Frosty" was already taken. Besides, AKFrosty57 is easy to remember - at least it will be until his next birthday . Oh, just in case anyone is confused ... this is De (Frosty's other half) this time. I thought I may as well USE the "AKFrosty57" ID since I went to all the trouble to set it up. Sooo ... if you see "AKFrosty57" here, you can scratch your head and wonder which of us it is. If you can't figure it out by the wordage, maybe one or the other of us will take pity and sign it. -De
  6. AKFrosty57

    Great white birch jokes..

    Frosty can give as good as he gets - never fear. And that Great White did more than whip his BUTT ... it pretty much whupped him head to toe. Literally. -De
  7. AKFrosty57

    Frosty in the hospital (home Nov 09)

    Hi all, De here (aka Deb Frost, snowgoose or Defrost, depending on where I'm writing) ... just wishing to add my own heartfelt thanks for ALL the thousands of prayers, good thoughts, supportive words, donations and just plain LOVE this list and its many members have shown since Frosty's encounter with the "Great White ... Birch" last September. I fully believe that the prayers from this list were a big part of the reason Frosty is well on his way to a full recovery - and also a big part of the reason *I* (Frosty's wife, for those of you who don't know me yet) made it through those SCARY first two months without falling completely apart. It was (still is) amazing ... and awe-inspiring ... to discover so many, many strangers (strangers to me, anyway) were actively praying for my husband - and for me. Trying to keep my sense of humor intact thru this crisis was sometimes a challenge. I want to thank you again for helping me find reasons to smile. At times, especially during the first few weeks when I thought I'd never smile again - just checking my "De Frost" Facebook page often had me grinning over yet another of what I came to refer to as my "bunch of hairy-faced blacksmith angels". No offense meant towards the ladies among you! But it seemed for a while there that every time I opened my Facebook page, I had several new "Friend requests" and a remarkably large number of them were ... well, blacksmiths . I have only been checking in here at IFI now and then when Frosty says there is a particularly funny or touching post - and am using (you may have noticed) the Yahoo account I opened for Frosty while he was still in the hospital and didn't have access to his own long-standing "Frosty" IFI presence. I know Frosty has thanked you ... and is working hard now at just getting back to "normal" (hey, what is normal for Frosty, anyway? ). I just thought I should add my own thanks. You are good folk. All of you. Hugs and love, De Frost
  8. AKFrosty57

    The new B

    Welcome aboard Dave, glad to have ya. I'd read some of your other posts and thought here's a guy worth listening to but had no idea who you are. Very nice blades for sure. Best of all, if you were looking for a place to talk to folk who know why you love having your way with hot steel. Welcome home, Frosty
  9. AKFrosty57

    Help with sis kabob.

    Ah HAH! a bean can forge or the brick version. I don't know how to convince just how necessary one is. No comment on your wife's estimate of your cerebral usage. I'm sure she's low balling it in a vain attempt to keep you in line. Deb tries the same trick sometimes bless her silly heart. Frosty
  10. AKFrosty57

    New smithy!

    Say doc, I used a SS salad bowl for the rain cap on my shop stove pipe and before that I built a new one for the house and used a steel gold pan. The old one on the house had a spark screen that just collected creosote causing problems. The house stack is tall enough and services a high quality Jotul stove so sparks are not a problem. On the last part, you COULD build a corner. Frosty
  11. AKFrosty57


    When it's more than just cool I'll warm my anvil to help preserve heat in the work. I do most of my work over the waist so I'm not concerned much with breaking heal or horn off. Sometimes I'll warm a decent sized piece in the forge and lay it on the face but recently I started taking my propane Turbo Torch to it and I must say it brings either the 125 Soderfors or the 202 Trenton to comfortably warm much faster. Frosty
  12. AKFrosty57

    Letters of support

    Ian: Sounds like you already have a good solid plan. I'll do my best and send it on to you. Frosty
  13. AKFrosty57

    X Miss ornament WIP

    There's sure lots of potential there! From Christmas gifts to wind chimes to cat teasers. Thanks, Frosty
  14. Thanks Brother, it's good to be getting back. Deb calls you guys hairy faced blacksmiths with great affection, you lent her so much support and help, she loves you all. Mark: There's nothing wrong with a plain well made rose. However if you buy a little rose oil and put a drop on the petals it'll smell like a rose and become something very special. I love my speech therapists, I feel a lot of improvement after every single visit. I think the halo is a terrific idea. Frosty