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All 3 Gunters at Saltfork!!

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Yes, that's right, all 3 Gunters will be demonstrating at the annual Saltfork Craftsmen ABA conference on Oct. 17-18 in Perry, OK. More info @ Saltfork Craftsmen or you can PM me.

I know this is in the 'Calander of Events' section but with the Brian Road trip there it is not seen too much, IMO. Hope this post can stay here...hint, hint;)

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I'll be there with bells on! Been looking forward to this one all year. I was at Robb's shop last month for about an hour...not near enough time. Also have met Chad and Brad once in their school/shop a few years back when they had Sid out for a LG rebuild class.
Are you going?

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I finnaly printed the registration form about 30 min ago.
Nathan Roberston is bringing his hand hammers and at least 6 are coming from Minnesota.
I will have the library and Peter Wrong anvils with.

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Hey Frank, saw you demo at the Saltfork a couple years ago.

I watched you one whole day and never could figure out how you got so much work done with so few blows. :) That sure helped me change my technique, thanks

I wish I could make the St. Louis gig.

Roger, man there goes my money :)

Thomas with bells. :)

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