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Info on 36" long anvil

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First post here. I have just shown an interest in blacksmithing in the past 2 weeks and ran into this site. Looks fine to me, I will settle here.

I was at a historical farm lately and saw a long anvil of roughly 3' and narrow, 2 of them. Not for sale but interesting. How were such anvils used?

gary/n. ohio

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Was this a london pattern anvil or just a block of steel or RR track?

If a London Pattern anvil it may have been a Farrier's model with a very narrow face. Did it have a clip on it or a large swelled horn? I traded off a 190# Hay-Budden Swell Horned Farrier's anvil in Ohio about 20 years ago.

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RedHot, I've apprenticed under a swordmaker and visited swordmaking shops in 5 countries and never came across a long anvil being used for swordmaking. Where have you done so?

Largest flat face I have seen in use was used by a 5th generation blacksmith to true up plowpoints after "resharpening".

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