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Blacksmiths in SA?

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Sorry to co-opt this forum guys, as I know it's for you guys in the west. It just seemed like the best place to get in touch with other Australian smiths, particularly in my own instance those in South Oz.

I've got only a little experience in smithing directly, but am immensely keen to learn more. I'd love to get in touch with any locals who are keen to share any knowledge and experience, and who might benefit from some workshop assistance in return. Being a teacher, I do get relatively frequent fortnight-long breaks, so it needn't just be days here and there. Honestly, I'd just be pleased to meet people from the local smithing community. :)

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IForgeIron is a world wide forum with visitors from over 50 world wide countries on a regular basis. The only reason the western part of Oz appears to have a large group of blacksmiths is because they speak up. There are several on the eastern side of Oz, Taz, and other parts of that country which visit on a regular basis. Now we have a representative from the south of Oz (grin). Welcome to IForgeIron

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G'day SofaMan, there are a number of blacksmiths hammering around in the suburbs of Adelaide, but my understanding is that there is no formal group, that meets on a regular basis. However, there is one very experienced smith who lives in Black Forrest, I think it is. One of our members here in the "west" visited him earlier this year. If I remember correctly, his name is Geoff Barnes. I'm afraid I don't have a contact number, but I'm pretty sure he lives in Black Forrest. Perhaps it'd be worth a look in the phone book and give him a call. He was very helpful and showed great hospitality to our member when he visited.

Apparently, he has a well set up shop in his back yard. I hope this is of some help for you. You can tell him that you found out about him through us, if you like. Cheers, Brian. Blacksmith's Association of Western Australia

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G'day SofaMan, Is at least 2 smiths in S.A that i know of who come into IFI .

Chrispy is 1 , can't remember the other blokes name just at the moment

Bang your name / where you are ect inta this , you never know , one of the " lurkers " mite drop you a line after seeing your around


BTW , welcome to the site

Dale Russell

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HI Sofaman,

You will be pleased to hear that a new association is being formed here in Adelaide. We will be registered as Artist Blacksmiths Association South Australia Incorporated.
We formed a committee back in July 09 and have had three meetings so far with 20 blacksmiths attending the most recent.
There are blacksmiths from all over South Australia interested in joining.

A.B.A.S.A will be formed along the same lines of our friends at A.B.A.Vic and A.B.A.N.S.W. The senior members of both interstate associations, have been very helpful in assisting us and are keen to see us get up and running.

It is our aim to have members from all styles of blacksmithing and blademaking, from young high school people, amateurs, professionals and basically anyone starting up or interested in the ancient craft.
We will be putting out the message to the public that blacksmithing is not a dead trade and we don't just make horse shoes.
Our Vice President is currently teaching blacksmithing at a southern area high school , and a number of us volunteer at the Old Doddridge forge at Angaston on weekends.(Come on up for a visit)
We intend to establish an association forge, similar to Victoria and New South Wales so that we can hold training and indoctrination, community work and open forging days.

We will be producing a quarterly newsletter for our members as well.
Our next meeting will be held on the 22nd of October, in Adelaide.
If you would like further information contact me at rken-at-adam-com-au

Rob Kenning

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