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  1. G'day SofaMan, there are a number of blacksmiths hammering around in the suburbs of Adelaide, but my understanding is that there is no formal group, that meets on a regular basis. However, there is one very experienced smith who lives in Black Forrest, I think it is. One of our members here in the "west" visited him earlier this year. If I remember correctly, his name is Geoff Barnes. I'm afraid I don't have a contact number, but I'm pretty sure he lives in Black Forrest. Perhaps it'd be worth a look in the phone book and give him a call. He was very helpful and showed great hospitality to our
  2. G'day Macca, regarding tongs. If you are just getting started in blacksmithing and are in need of your first two or three pair of tongs to get you going, you could try contacting Ray Gard at Raven Forge in Victoria. He may make some up for you? Check out his website at: www.ravenforge.com.au I reckon two or three pair will get you well on your way. If you decide to join BAWA at some later date, we will be happy to show you how to go about making your own. None of us are experts at BAWA, but we'll happily teach you what we know and as has already been correctly mentioned, making your own is th
  3. G'day Steve, Regarding your jack hammer bits. You could try contacting David Moir at The Blacksmith Shop in Belvue for some advice. I believe he has done a lot of that kind of work over the years. You'll find him in the yellow pages under Blacksmiths. It's worth a try. Regards, Brian.
  4. G'day Rob, yep, I will gladly give it a try if I can get hold of some. I was on the net last night, checking out that coal char that I mentioned previously. It's marketed by Wesfarmers Premier Coal and just going by the specs. on their website, it sounds like it would work in the forge?? Again, I think the problem would be trying to buy it in small amounts. Perhaps someone out there has already tried it and could let us know what it's like. Having given my new forge it's maiden run today, I now have some work to do, to get the blower up to speed, as it's just reaching forging temp. and that's
  5. G'day Rob, to be honest, I've never used coal of any kind in the forge. However, one of our group's life members, is a retired professional smith, having started his career as a fourteen year old in England, in 1945. He told us a couple of years ago that Collie coal doesn't coke, like the coal over east does and wasn't much good as a forge fuel. Given his many years in the trade, we simply accepted his advice. But I'd still like to get hold of some to try it out. I think the problem would be, getting a small amount. Charcoal is getting increasingly more difficult to source here in W.A. I'd lov
  6. G'day Rob, Regarding coal as a forge fuel. The coal that is mined in Collie in the south west of W.A. , apparently doesn't coke and is unsuitable for forge fuel. I believe that they make a product from Collie coal, called "coal char". I don't know anyone over here using it, so I don't know what it's like as a forge fuel. There is some info. on the internet regarding coal char and going on the technical info, it sounds like it'd be worth giving it a crack. If anyone is using it, I'd certainly be interested to hear how it performs as a forge fuel. Regards, Brian.
  7. G'day Slugger, Charcoal would be your best choice for forge fuel. You might try ABR Firewood in Beechboro. They were stocking it in 20kg. bags, earlier this year for $30 per bag. They are probably the only place in Perth where you can buy charcoal in 20kg. bags. Your other choice would be coke, but you would probably have to get that from over in the east, as forging coke is not available in W.A. as far as I know. You could also make your own charcoal in 200 lt. drums. Malcolm Paine's excellent book, "The General Blacksmith" explains how to go about that. Cheers, Brian.
  8. G'day Cindy, The Artist Blacksmiths' Association of N.S.W. is located in Port Macquarie. I believe they meet on a regular basis at Timber Town in Wauchope. You could try contacting their editor at: [email protected] I'm sure they will be willing to help you. Sing out if you require any more help. Regards, Brian.
  9. G'day Des, we don't know of any blacksmiths in the Port Hedland or South Hedland area, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are. There would be about five or six of our members who have forges at home, including myself. Mainly charcoal forges. I don't use my home forge very much, but I'm careful about when I fire it up, as I live in a very built up area. I never use it on weekends,only week days and over the last ten years, I've had no complaints. But I think it's just a matter of time, before someone complains. Cheers, Brian.
  10. G'day Matt, sorry for not replying sooner, but I just got out of hospital yesterday after a brief "adventure"! Anyway, if you find your way to Perth, be sure to look us up at the blacksmith's association of Western Australia. We meet every Sunday at our workshop, which is located in the grounds of The Royal Agricultural Society. We welcome visiting smiths. If you wanted to work in our shop, it's just a matter of chipping in a $10 visitor's fee for the day, into the shop's cash box and sign in as a visitor. You would be made most welcome. Hope all goes well for you here in Oz. Regards, Brian.
  11. G'day Wolfy 9005, BAWA meets every Sunday at our workshop in the Claremont showgrounds, on Loton Ave. I'd recomend you call in one Sunday and we will be happy to give you all the info. you require. Regards, Brian.
  12. G'day Steve, try Rosman Agencies in Belmont, for a gas forge. I believe David Moir from The Blacksmith Shop in Bellvue, has a lot of experience with jack hammer bits. His number is,9250 6720. Hope this is of some help. Regards, Brian.
  13. G'day Ratel, The Hot Iron Muster is being held again this year from 28th. Sept.-Oct. 3rd. at Alan Ball's smithy in Logan Village Queensland. He is located about 50 km. south, south-east from Brisbane. I believe it is always well attended, although I haven't been lucky enough to attend one. Sunday the 28th. is a demonstration day, with the hands on workshop starting the next day, Monday. Alan normally has a well known smith from the U.S.A. lead the workshop. For more information, contact Alan Ball via their website. The Village Smith Hope this is of some help. Regards, Brian.
  14. G'day Bjoern, I think your chances of finding full time work as an artist/blacksmith in Australia, would be quite limited. If you have qualifications and experience in welding and steel fabrication, I think you would have a much better chance of finding work in that area. Artistic blacksmithing in Australia is largely a craft/hobby movement, although there are a few full time smiths making a living. However, they are few and far between. I believe you would be better off seeking work in the welding/steel fabrication industry. Regards, Brian.
  15. Hey Leon, just wondering if any of the info. that's been posted so far, has been useful for you? We're all here to help. Are you aware of Alan Ball's Hot Iron Muster in Brisbane? It's comming up in September. I believe they are very good. A full week of blacksmithing! Way to go!
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