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clay tempering?

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Hi, I have a problem.

I tried regular clay, from the dirt.
then raiku clay,which is probably a broad general term.
then mixtures of charcoal, ash, and clay.
and now a mixture of charcoal, ash, clay, and borax.

I can't get the dried clay to stay on the steel, it "pops" off.
I have a propane forge. should I try with charcoal.

Is it the wrong mixture? should I just try to find a tempering clay.

what am I doing wrong?

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Try Rutland furnace cement from the hardware store. It's awfully sticky stuff. A lot of folks, including me, have had decent luck with it.

If you want to use natural clays, try adding some grog -- stuff that won't absorb water, and so won't shrink as it dries -- to the mix. Clean play sand will work. Go at least 1:1 grog to clay. If that doesn't work, go to 2:1 or even higher. Pure clay shrinks a great deal as it dries, and that'll cause all kinds of problems.

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another thought, how polished is the blade when you apply the clay? I normally leave a slightly rough (say 200grit) surface so that the clay sticks a bit better. I also degrease it just to be sure. With some clays I've had beeter luck applying a slip first and once that is dry, applying the main lumps of clay.

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