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Smithing for career? (in need of job!)


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im shure there is many people who probably already do this, some for a good liveing, some for fun, some for very little and probably not doing to well. (kinda the reason why im posting this)

im considering in blacksmithing for a liveing, yes. for most. you probably already are thanking.. "is this guy nuts! he just started!" yes. i did just start. but im seeing too much progression from this craft. i see soo many possabilities...
not to mention being my own boss would be ownage!

goods i can possably see:
1. already mentioned. be my own boss.
2. work my own hours
3. be creative. make what i want / what people would want
4. no restrictions on hours etc. basicly more i make/do more i have a chance at getting payed

bad i can see:
1. owning my own busness... thats probably going to be a nightmare around tax time...
2. expence at running the operatoins. (coal. power. utilities etc)
3. danger... im shure the risk factor for a job working with near molten iron, galvanized posion possabilites, sulferic acid burns, a shop fire could compleatly kill this as a career
4. i hate being hot when i work! (looks like im going to have to get over that)

why would i even consider this?

1. todays econmay. im getting sick of spending months/almost a year running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to find a decent job
2. my own relyabilty. alot of stress releaved from not haveing to worry about getting fired for being 3 seconds late at punch in, not worry about some joke offering to do my job for less... giveing the company all that much more reason to fire me
3. no collage needed for a "good" job. something if noticed.. i spent 2 years in trade school learning about computers and i have just the same chaces of a reguler highschool dropout at getting a job at a computer shop. basicly if i want to become a contracted / "profeshanal" computer tech years/ thousands of dollars of more schoolilng is needed.
4. worst case possabilites... the econamy 100% crashes and currency is useless or near extenstion type accadent such as mega flood/ asteroid..... hey... it could happen ^^;.. my job will be of MUCH great use for recovery

reson for posting this:

i was wondering if anybody has any suggestoins on this. if i should take this step? should i avoide this step? any possable grants/ low-to no intrest loans i can get eather from a company or government to start a real shop
and suggestins on how i could get started if a "quck" start by a loan or grant is not possable. i was considering trying to get in to the Renaissance when its open and off season work at a local flea market doing shows and selling my product there. if anybody konws of any tips/suggestoins or info that would be of much help. please feel free to tell me. if you wish to keep it perosnal you can email me at danz4092009@hotmail.com

i do apploigize for the mis-spells.. that itself is a reason why im finding it hard to get a job sadly.

Thank you.
Daniel Goode

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How old are you?

To start a business you dont want loans, you NEED surplus money to begin with

Say you start this business and the first 3 months you break totally even,

Now you are bankrupt and foreclosed on because no company will let you miss three months of payment.

The problem with trying to be purely a blacksmith is there are old guys retired everywhere that smith to get some money beyond a pension or JUST for fun.

if your plan was to make small craft items and make a living from this it going to be nearly impossible.

The guys who made a living are well established and have worked plenty hard for a longtime for little money and are desired because of previous works and reputation.

many things I have found that take alot of time for me personally are done my experianced people in one tenth the time at a better quality, meaning to make the same money you would have to get 10 times the money for a worse quality product, that isnt going to be easy.

Reality is though if you refuse to give up for better or worse nothing on the planet can stop you, if your mentality fits this description your already on a set path.

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You bring up a large number of issues, most or all of which are difficult to address. It sounds like you have a significant number of things working against you.

- bad economy
- insufficient funds to start and maintain a business
- lack of time and experience in blacksmithing
- it is unlikely that you will find a grant to start a blacksmithing business
- lack of experience in running a business
- no business plan
- etc.

Your best bet would be to work at a job, and do blacksmithing on the side. Then if there is sufficient demand for your work you could transition over to blacksmithing full-time.

Also, if you wish to start a business, you might wish to practice using the spell-check features on your computer as presentation is as important to potential customers as it is to potential employers. My spelling is not perfect either, but through the use of the spell-check feature I can try to provide a better presentation of my thoughts and of myself. ;)

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Do you already have the skills? Blacksmithing, welding, design, selling, accounting, managing others?

Do you already have the equipment? Welders, powerhammers, forges, etc?

Do you have a location where it is legal to run a smithing business?

Do you have health insurance coverage? Many small businesses are one accident away from total bankruptcy!

First thing I tell folks wanting to go into smithing is that they should go to college and take all the art and business administration courses they can! Also got to tech school and get a firm foundation in welding. If you don't know how to work the tax system you are throwing money away!

Remember you should not start a business without about a 2 years supply of money!

So my suggestion at your current state? Do you have any skills that you could use working for a going blacksmithing concern? Work a couple of years for someone learning the trade and the ins and outs and building up equipment before going on your own.

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Do you already have the skills?

Do you already have the equipment? Welders, powerhammers, forges, etc?

Do you have a location where it is legal to run a smithing business?

Do you have health insurance coverage? Many small businesses are one accident away from total bankruptcy!

good points pointed out... i guss ill remain collecting unemployment for a wile.
and also. its illigal to do smithing for a liveing in some places? O.o
thats a little odd.

if worse comes to worse. my unemployment runs out i could at least make a few things. haul some supplys and a few pre-made things to this uber flea market i konw of and do some shows and sell what i can.
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