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Another press...the 'midi' version


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Hey folks,
Well after being inspired by the different mini presses I have seen...(many thanks to Mr. Kelly and Mr. Toler ;)) I decided to just grab it and growl.
I designed this one to be just a bit bigger and allow interchangeable dies.
Used four uprights rather than two. A bit taller as well to accommodate other tooling such as cutters, punches, or drifts between the horizontal members.
Just finished it up ...well, actually still need to mount two return springs between base and middle horizontal member. Also need to shape the drawing portion of the dies. No paint yet either, but took some pics and thought I would show this 'midi' version. Felt I should post this to return the favor and maybe help someone else pondering one of these.
Hopefully it will do just what I need while I am still in the process of fabricating a power hammer. From the videos I saw of these little presses in action....I feel sure it will do just fine.

The various parts/assemblies. Used 2" x 2" x 1/4" wall sq tubing and 1/2" flat plate :

The base assembly. (Note little doodads to hold jack in place, the piece to hold handle, and the 2 threaded holes for eyebolts for return springs for middle member.):

Base with jack and handle in place:

Middle horizontal member (side facing up with threaded holes for lower die):

Middle horizontal member (side facing jack. Note threaded holes for eyebolts for 2 return springs.):

Top horizontal member (side facing down with threaded holes for upper die):

Top horizontal member (side facing up):

Uprights with adjustment holes:

Die (still being machined)and plates for additional dies (the portion to the right is not yet radiused for drawing out. Will be same height as the flat portion to the left to be able to switch work back and forth . Will have matching upper die.)

All together!!

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