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C clamp weld with OA?

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Look for the forged C clamps at you local flea market. My experience is that they weld fine. The photgraph shows an older C clamp welded to mild-steel using 6011 rod. :D

Also, for clamping pipe clamps work well for making fixtures. You weld a length of black pipe into position and then screw on the working end of a pipe clamp.


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Cut a scrap of plate or flat bar into an L. Weld one end to your base so it stands upside-down and weld a nut to the other end; add some threaded rod and you have a clamp. It's cheap and you're not dealing with mystery metal.

Depending on a few things, you might end up shrinking the nut a bit; I've run into this but it was nothing a quick pass with a tap or homemade thread-chaser(much cheaper than a tap if it's a monster nut) couldn't fix.

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