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My name is Jerry Polizzi. My family and I live in Lancaster PA. I'm just starting out. I really like your web site. It is full of information and is very helpful to someone who is new to blacksmithing. Thanks in advance for all of the help I will need! Thanks - Jerry P

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Hi Jerry, There are a number of blacksmithing groups within driving distance from Elizabethtown including:

Blacksmith Guild of Central Maryland
Pennsylvania Artist Blacksmith Association
Blacksmith Guild of the Potomac
Mid-Atlantic Smiths Assoc
NJBA New Jersey Blacksmiths Association.

In case you are interested, the October meeting of the Blacksmith Guild of Central Maryland will be Oct 11, 2009, Sunday, according to BGCM 2009 Schedule. (click on highlighted words to go to related web information) Apparently the September meeting is the yearly crab feast for members only.

Building opens around 9 am.
Pot-luck lunch starts around Noon.
General meeting starts around 1pm.

The trade item for this month will be a Paper Towel Holder. Making a trade item and sharing in the exchange activity is optional.

As usual, the monthly meeting of the Blacksmith Guild of Central Maryland will be held in the Blacksmithing School Building on the grounds of the Carroll County Farm Museum (click here for related web site), 500 S. Center St Westminster, MD.

Visitors are always welcome. There is no charge to come and visit at the meeting. Meet smiths, and knifesmiths, ask questions, see stuff made. The lunch is pot luck. Visitors and members include folks from the neighboring states of Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and elsewhere.

Eight forging stations are available for use of members both at the monthly meeting as well as open forge night. Use of the equipment, and access to the forging area, is limited to members who have signed the liability release form and are wearing a membership badge due to liability issues. Coal and tools are provided by the guild. Experienced members are usually available to assist you one-on-one in the learning process and to answer any questions you might have. If you would like someone to help you one-on-one at the forge, please feel free to ask, and multiple smiths will likely wrestle for the fun of volunteering.

Tickets for the Iron-in-the-hat are available during the morning. Folks donate iron, tools and other items as a fund raiser for the guild. One person's unwanted stuff is another person's treasure. :D

BGCM schedule:
- Aug 22-23, 2009 (Sat/Sun) Beginner's Class 9AM - 5PM, Instructor: Bill Clemens
- Sep 5-6 (Sat/Sun) MASA Metalsmiths Conference
- Sep 10 (Thu) Open Forge 6-9 PM
- Sep 11-13 (Fri - Sun) Steam Show Days at the Carroll County Farm Museum
- Sep 26 Fall Blacksmith Day B&O Train Museum, Ellicott City, MD
- Sep 27 (Sun) BGCM Monthly Meeting, Trade Item: Paper Towel Holder
- Oct 3-4 (Sat-Sun) Fall Harvest Days
- Oct 7-Nov 4 (Mon-Thu) Evening Beginner's Class Weds 6PM-9:30PM, Instructor: Albin Drzewianowski
- Oct 11 - Sunday, Monthly meeting, Something from Sheet, Plate, or Pipe

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Correction to information on the September monthly meeting, oops.
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Welcome aboard Jerry, glad to have ya.

You're welcome in advance.

And furthermore I'd like to extend my heartiest thanks for the well considered and incredibly thought provoking questions you're going to ask in the future. Especially the two parter next May 6th. Wow, what a corker! ;)


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