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Scandi grind...Need advice

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Greeting fellows smiths!!!
Been doing lots of lurking, havnt much time for anything. But I want to make myself a small puukko.

My questions is exactly how thin do you grind you bevels before tempering? In my past experience, I tempered a scandi, but the bevel was left at about a dimes thickness. I had a really rough time grinding it down to a useable edge.

Will the edge be prone to cracking if I ground it down all the way? Or will it hold up. I will be quenching at Curie temp, in some warm motor oil. Most probably will be using an old file or 5160. Tempering at 175 C. for a durable, tough edge.

Cheers mates!! Thanks in advance for any help!


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Usually I leave the bevel the thickness 1-2 mm before hardening and temper immediately after hardening. Of course I have a belt grinder to make cleaning up the edge easy after heat treat.

I think you are using the term tempering for several stages of heat treat where we will often break it out into: Normalizing, Hardening, Tempering; to prevent confusion when we are discussing specifics.

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