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idle setup for blown burners


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Sounds like a neat idea, i'm sure i've heard of some gas welding outfits having such a gadget. Looks like you'll be designing it and showing the rest of us!

Back in the day when i worked out of furnaces we rarely had a need for it to idle; sure we would work on a forging for 10 or 15 minutes till it was cold, but there would always be another job still soaking inside. I wonder also if the furnace was on idle too long wouldn't it waste time and gas warming up again to use?

When we did need to have a long thinking moment/ smoko/ tea break without shutting down the furnace we would cut the throttle down to save gas but keep it hot.

Hope this pondering helps ;)

Andrew O'C

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Seems like any blown idle circuit would still require the blower to be running at speed...how about a pre-set stop for limiting the blower intake choke and a venturi style idle circuit like plumbed into the the mixer tube that would keep the burner going at a reduced rate. Like Andrew said, let us know....be safe

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Just turn down the gas and the air but still keep it lit. Makes it a toaster instead of a jet engine. Doesn't matter if it spits and sputters a little ....... then when your ready, just turn it back up. I think and idle would be more hassle and expensive than it is worth. I don't like to turn my down anyway. My fire bricks glow when I am at temp. It takes a while to get them like that. Turning it down would waste gas trying to get it back to that glowing heat.


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