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  1. I've been married twenty years. It's actually kinda simple. 1. She don't like the stuff you like to do. So, she is never going to be interested in any cost involved with any of those hobbies. 2. She don't like the mess that your stuff leaves around the place. Which goes back to point #1. 3. It's always easier to get forgiveness than it is to get permission. If you drag this out and turn it into a fight, it will just kill and enjoyment and will turn your hobby into an issue. If you continue to do what you are doing now, it is simply going to turn your hobbie and the clutter
  2. I wouldnt think so. I don't think you'll get a sword out of it ...... LOL. But, if you were to weld a tang onto it, you would be able to make a nice little three finger knife with it. Weld on a tang and do a hidden tang design. It's worth a shot anyway. If you don't try, it will never be anything but a scrap of metal. Mutt
  3. Frankly it's all xxxxxxxx. Going after the guns, ammo and now knives. Keep the masses stupid and unarmed. Then you can infringe on any and all of thier rights, and there is nothing you can do about it. Mutt
  4. I am knew to this, but what scale I do get, usually comes right off with the first smack. I guess the law of averages ensures that at some point I am gonna end up with scale sticking outta my project when all finished. But, what I do know is that if you are trying to forge weld, you deffinitely need to get off the scale. It makes welding a living hell if you don't get it off. Mutt
  5. I guess I am lucky here. I live in Bremerton. We have a ship yard here. They scrap old ships and submarines. There is also a scrap yard that is really close that gets truck loads of scrap from the ship yard. There is always tons of cable and huge pieces of high grade steel available. They let you walk around and look all day, as long as you stay out of the loaders way. I have gone there enough that they know me now. I can go in and trade stuff I can't use for pieces of scrap that I can use. Really nice place people friendly. Mutt
  6. Same here ..... I hate the smell of burning automotive oils. I use peanut oil in my rock saw. So, since it works nice for cutting rock and I happen to have a surplus of peanut oil on hand, I have used it on several projects I recently finished. It has a very high flash point and has not even come close to flame up when quenching red hot metal. And, the fumes from the process are actually pleasant smelling. Plus, it's only like 8 bucks for a gallon at Walmart. Mutt
  7. My buddy bought this thing for balancing a lawnmower blade. It is really simple. Excuse my picture, I know it is crude. The red part is the lawn mower blade. The blue part is a washer like thing with a pin that goes through the bolt hole in the blade. The black lower piece is a a metal cone. The blue piece has a small dimple drilled into the bottom. The pointy tip of the cone sits in the dimple under the blue washer thingie. Then you just set the blade on the washer and the washer on the cone. The blade will not only show balance from end to end but also from side to side. It's amazi
  8. OK, Does the little thingie on the end hold the handle tight onto the blade?? If so ..... how did ya make it? I have an idea to weld a nut onto the end of the tang and use a small allen bolt to tighten it all together. Does your's work something like that? Mutt
  9. The ring could have been used for a rope or chain? I just watched the movie "300" again ........ and was thinking combat. Roman Ninja throwing/retrievable thing?? Maybe not ...... LOL. I do like the way it came out. You know it looks good when it can go without a handle and look great. It would look great with a rawhide wrap with a reverse baseball stitch. Mutt
  10. To xxxx with the neighbors. Maybe they will get sick of the noise and move. Problem solved ...... LOL. Mutt
  11. LDW

    I use muriatic acid, use it straight, because cable is made up of the same metals it requires a deeper etch to look good. I also take the metal to 1000 grit before etching. Sometimes I have etched in straight muriatic for 15 minutes. If you can stand the fumes it gives you a different pattern if it heated to 140 degrees first,(the acid, not the knife)

  12. Beautiful knives. Great pattern. What did you use to grind your bevels?? Mutt
  13. I used to work at Home Depot. They have some very beautiful marble tiles for fairly cheap (per tile anyway). You can buy them one at a time. You can even go through thier pile and find a broken one and ask them for a 75 percent discount. Should be enough in a broken tile for at least one knife. Mutt
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