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Castable Refractory


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I found castable refractory locally by calling a boiler installation place. They were willing to sell me a couple bags. If that doesn't work out, there's a place in Londonderry called Salem Refractories.

1A Rockingham Rd # 4
Londonderry, NH 03053-2289
(603) 434-4455

And these guys retail Plibrico refractories. Looks like they should pretty well have you covered, as long as they'll sell in small quantities:

Cutter Atlantic Refractories
10 Micro Drive
Woburn, MA 01801
Cutter Atlantic Refractories
Office (800) 592-9200
Cell (781) 789-4799

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I recommend before you get any refactory you get hold of the product literature.

Actually, as Frosty has discussed else where the plastic ramable refactories work better that the casteable. From personal experience I can say that castable is better left to real experts in the application. The exception would be, again in my experience, the insulating castable which seems to be a little more forgiving.
Mizzou is a AP Green product a division of ANH Refractories Check with them to locate local vendors or warehouses.

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I got a bag of insulating castable refractory from Cutter. Salem Refractories, in Londonderry sold me some insulating fire bricks. They may have castable - It all depends on what's left over from a job. They're a contractor, but real nice to deal with and have no problem selling what they have on the shelves.

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Look for a local ceramics house (think pottery supplies). I have some woodfire clay that is good for up to cone 14 firings -- 2525 degrees. It is pretty inexpensive, and you can just mold it to the forge. Let it dry slow, so it wont crack, and the first fire you build should fire it nicely.

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