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I Forge Iron

hello to all


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I became interest in blacksmithing after watching a youtube video of a guy making a spike knife. My great grandfather was a blacksmith he emigrated to the US in 1887 and set up a shop in Philly Nebraska. I never meet him but have photos of him in his shop. I come from along line of handymen My grandfather was a tinkerer and fixit man. He once recieved a letter that was adressed to The man from COOK ne that can fix anything but a the crack of dawn or a broken heart. and that letter went straight to him. So from him and my dad I learned to fix and build things.

I have worked for Kawasaki motors Manufacturing in Lincoln, Ne for 32 years.
I have been a welder, fabricator and am now a laser opperator running lasers cutting parts for atv's and other vehicles that we manufacture.

I took a 2 day blacksmithing class from a local comunity college. I now have a fairly well eguiped shop in my garage. I have made a spike knife, several different styles of crosses, a 19in bowie knife from a 65 mustang leaf spring and 2 tomahawks from 16 oz ballpien hammer heads. My latest project is a rattle snake I am making from a 4 ft peice of 1 in rebar.

Iam looking forward to being a part of this forum

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