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Hossfeld Bender Videos

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Looks like Hossfeld is starting to get off there marketing laurels. They have posted a series of videos on using the hossfeld bender. Here is one YouTube - HOSSFELD™ No. 2 Bender - Overview, Part 1 if you click on more from the same user you will find the rest. Much of the stuff is pretty basic but I learned a little on each of the videos. Hopefully they post some more.

Looks like they are finally doing some direct sales as well. I needed a pipe bending die a few years ago and my local distributor carries NO Hossfeld product in stock. After taking 3 days to get me a price that was almost 3 times what I payed for an American Bender die they also quoted me 3 a week delivery. I would rather deal with a local distributor but when they keep NO inventory its better to deal direct. I should get around to ordering a manual from them I hear they are only about $5, not the $25 people are charging on ebay.

There is also an old promotional movie (1950s?) for hossfeld that someone has posted in two parts that I also picked up a few things from. YouTube - hossfeld universal bender #2 (part 1 )

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Thanx! Interesting, but not much for the blacksmith. Where'd the top tooling go? Stupid to make commercial videos and not bolt the machine down, wobbling around, sheesh! I thought the old video was better. I used to have two old ones that they did. See they got rid of the second extension handle, we used to use the whole ten feet sometimes.

I can see using the hydraulics on heavy stuff, but in one example, they use it with the little "bulldozer" dies. The guy did it 10 times faster by hand! Their hydraulic attachment won't bend 180 degree without totally changing the setup. Need a rotary actuator. They need to go back to showing all the little suff you can do.

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Despite the fact they were not instructional videos I probably picked up a little more from the older videos. What I am hoping is that the new videos are the first batch and they plan on more, we will have to see.
One trick I immediately noticed in the old video was turning the pin with the roller when starting an eye on top of the bender. When I have done it in the past I have either done a bunch in steps and then adjusted the bending dog or adjusted the dog as I rolled the eye. Next time I will definately do it the other way.
I was not impressed with the hydraulic set up on the Hossfeld although I have done some bending with mine that I could really use some extra push. I have done a run of 3" radius 180 degree bends in 3/4" pipe a few times and even with 10' of leverage it is a bit of a struggle. I would hate to have to bend any larger pipe on a tight radius. Even with the struggle I do think I bent the pipe faster by hand than I could with the hydraulics on the hossfeld.

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Thank you for the information on the videos. I Googled "plans to make Hossfield benders" and found measured drawings on making your own Hossfield benders (and two other benders) at:

Just click on---> www.chopperhandbook.com/neatstuff/downloads.htm :D

I have created a folder on my computer of projects that I want to someday make, and added this to the folder. The folder keeps getting larger.

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John: Yeah, that's a good trick. I would often start the bend, back up and slip a flat bar between the work and the roller that keeps the bend tight and marks the work less too. I rarely used the "tooth" tool the way they show, tends to leave a pretty good divot in the work. I almost always had it turned the other way, sometimes you pull a little and then tighten the the nut.

The 1" pivot hole is a little too sloppy to start and get's worse in a short time. I bored mine out and pressed in drill bushings.

Unicorn: Wow, those seem to be pirated Hossfeld working drawings. Everything on a REAL Hossfeld is heat treated alloy steel, you know.

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