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I Forge Iron

Another Bowl With Copper Rivets

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My gas forge is about eight inches across, which is a bit of a limitation. But, when life hands you lemons, you should make lemonade, right?

Made a 7 1/2" bowl, then added 'leaves' or 'petals' to it to get it up to a decent size. It's about 12" in diameter.


I started a more elaborate version along the same lines today. Pics next week.

Your opinion please, Should I have used more rivets? 3? 5?

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Too many rivets? Any past the bare minimum necessary to hold it together pushes you into the "decorative" use of rivets. So then you have to worry about number, spacing, size, materials, and whether they form a Smiley Face that you never noticed or thought about before you put them in!

Mikey - who once put over a hundred iron rivets in a Viking style sheet iron pot (it only needed about half that!)

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john i personally really like how few rivets there are in your bowl it looks so beautiful and calm - many more would really change it. like bentiron said tho, it never harms to experiment. really love the bowl!

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