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Current US quarters and dimes are made of a copper core, with a cupro-nickle sheath (70% copper, 25% nickle). The goal in this process is to sweat out just enough copper from the edges of the core, that capilary action sucks it in between the nickle layers. It's tricky to get consistantly good at it, I hit around 3/4 of the time with good layering.

Andy is correct, pennies are nothing to burn in the forge. Zinc fumes will kill you if you suck up enough of them. I don't even go there. I think I said "pennies" on the video, but clearly, they're dimes. It was late, sue me.

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Jens, i really like that one. i have gotten a few that stuck and held (3 out of many tries), but i have not gotten that color.....what coins did you use and did you use any special etching solution? i have a blade in the works (need much more skill/practice/experience before i go too far with it (a large dagger/arkansas toothpick)--But--i have a real nice piece of osage orange for the handle-and with some black horn mixed in that color would be killer.

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Mike, I didn't do anything besides sanding and buffing. The ONLY coins I'd recomend using is new US dimes and quarters ( the ones you can see the copper & nickle in from the side). If your having problems getting them to stick. Try a stack of 10 dimes hold in the tongs and heat till the copper starts to "sweat out" - little beads or drips appear, let it cool a bit to black-red or so roll the stack and heat from the other side till it sweats , then begin forging down.


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